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The Ltd estabilished in 2011. In the beginning mainly we were dealing with purchasing and trading of baled waste materials. Later We had more successful purchasings in the following spending categories: From China high valued truck mounted drilling rig purchasing with accessories; For Tesco - purchasing of solar tubes, and controll of product installing on the site; VR cardboard complete tendering and purchasing.

More information about us

RDB Hungary ensures complete tendering and purchasing of following spending categories, and commodities:

  • Technical equipments, production machines, instruments, engines, control parts
  • Chemicals and lubricants
  • Plastics (in bales, shredded or regranulates forms)
  • Others - for examples. Layered wood panels, plexy sheets
  • Logistic services (mainly vehicular and railway methods)

After getting of the task and signing of business contract, the RDB Hungary Ltd ensures:

  • General projectmanagement tasks for the client
  • Making contact with relevant authorities and sponsors
  • Engage in creating of the requested documents
  • Continous availability, administration steps in the meetings and local site checking
  • Coordinate the subcontractors' workflow and check their contractual performance
  • Providing technical and legal experts

RDB Hungary Ltd ensures the following services:

  • Financial preparings of projects, pay-off analyzis
  • Surveys of markets and market segments by requirements of the client
  • Financial plan creating