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Who We AreWho We Are

RDB Hungary deals with successful procurement and sourcing, that is strategically positioned to provide procurement solutions to well established companies in Europe, Middle East and Emerging Markets. RDB Hungary Trading Company has a dynamic team equipped with expertise and experience, offers Procurement and Supply Solutions. Our principle activities include sourcing and procuring equipment and supplies and delivering them in a timely manner and at very competitive prices. To be part of the success of our customers, we leverage the cost benefit of being an efficient global supplier with a competitive supply base.




What We DoWhat We Do

RDB Hungary provides procurement support and operations for their customers in  Europe, Middle East,and Emerging Markets. Our principle activities is providing procurement support services, equipment and supplies them in a timely manner and at very competitive prices and be adaptable and responsive to our clients requirements.

Our group has offices in Europe and Middle East as well. In order to provide products and services to our customers, we have the capabilities to provide the same support to our customers through our any office.




Why Choose Us?Why Choose Us?

RDB Hungary has put key elements in its operations to provide support to our customers. We have strategic locations to provide procurement support services which gives our company a competitive edge over most of our competitors.  We have established key locations to receive supplies for inspection and verification according to requirements. 

In order to handle the additional business that RDB Hungary we have warehouses in Europe and Middle East in which items will be received, inspected and stored before sending to the customer. In the global operation for RDB Hungary, these stores will be responsible for receiving and inspecting various items to support contracts and compete for new contracts.